415 Red Hook Lane

Standort: Brooklyn, NYC

Architekt: Ennead Architects

Fertiggestellt: 2018

Petersen Magasin: Petersen 48

Produkten: K11

Kategorien: Geschäftsgebäude

The 64 m high residential tower is in Brooklyn at the intersection of Red Hook Place, Boerum Place and Livingston Street. Glass façades wrap around three sides of the tower, and a brick-clad wall faces onto Red Hook Lane. City zoning laws required that the building be set back from the 14th floor upwards. Similarly, the residents’ entrance and lobby on Red Hook Lane was limited to a height of three storeys.

Ennead Architects opted to give the access building its own distinct aesthetic. The roughly 9 m tall and 7.5 m wide structure has no windows, making it look like a shining monolith. Ennead chose the light, blue-tempered K11 for the façade, the handmade structure of which contrasts with the dark glass tower. The actual entranceway is composed of black metal and glass and is pulled back from the façade. The brickwork is laid exclusively with stretchers using a block bond, which forms a beautiful pattern and a discrete relief.