210 West 77th Street

Standort: Manhattan, NYC

Architekt: Thomas Juul-Hansen

Fertiggestellt: 2017

Fotos: Dean Kaufman

Petersen Magasin: Petersen 48

Produkten: K54

Kategorien: Wohngebäude

Two Ten West 77 is an 18-storey residential tower on 77th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway, at the heart of the Upper West Side. It contains 25 luxury condominiums. Although unmistakably modern, the tower is built in brick like the 100-year-old buildings nearby.

The large volume, the upper floors of which are set back, has central sections almost the entire height of the building, with large glass surfaces facing out onto recessed balconies on every floor. Glass and anodised aluminium sections on the façade are framed by brick pillars rising from street level all the way up to a horizontal lintel just below the roof. The brickwork consists of Kolumba with a sweeping play of colours in brownish shades that harmoniously match the dark colour of the metal.